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Barbershop Service Booking App

Searching out for the best barbershops or hair salons within your vicinity is a very tiresome task. Also, visiting a barbershop or salon without a prior appointment booking can keep you waiting in a queue thereby taking away your precious time.

To solve this issue, we have developed an android based barbershop application. By entering a location this android app will generate a list of nearby barbershops & salons.

Both the barbershop owners & users can access the application by registering themselves on the app by submitting the necessary details. The barbershop owners can update their profiles by adding photos & a list of services provided by them. The users can view the shops’ profiles, photos & services, based on which they can book an appointment as per their desired time & date in their favorite shops. The users can also review & rate a shop through this app.

Barber Application is used for booking barber services through android application. Admin is the authorized user who will verify Barber shop & its services. Admin can also block any barber account if needed. User can get a list of all the Barber shops nearby on Map and check and book its services. Barber can check the bookings and accordingly manage them. User can rate & review the shop & services.

Nguồn” Barbershop Service Booking App | Nevon Projects


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